Combining our state of the art infra-red heating technology with today’s most realistic flame and smoke simulation system was simply a logical progression to create an electrical stove that is very different indeed.

Fire from water!

Ultra-fine water mist is illuminated to create a fully 3 dimensional effect which is almost impossible to tell from a real fire. Heat output and fire simulation can be independently controlled by remote control. Our electric stoves come in an elegant and stylish housing with a great choice of colours. Just plug it in, sit back and enjoy.

400 Watt

Size: 600 x 600 x 320mm
Weight: 20kg
Use: Rooms up to 12m²

800 Watt

Size: 1000 x 600 x 320mm
Weight: 25kg
Use: Rooms up to 24m²

1200 Watt

Size: 1200 x 800 x 320mm
Weight: 35kg
Use: Rooms up to 36m²

  • Grey housing, black front
  • Grey housing, copper front
  • Grey housing, gold front
  • Grey housing, green front
  • Grey housing, red front
  • Grey housing, silver front
  • Grey housing, white front
  • Black housing, black front
  • Black housing, copper front
  • Black housing, gold front
  • Black housing, green front
  • Black housing, red front
  • Black housing, silver front
  • Black housing, white front
  • White housing, black front
  • White housing, copper front
  • White housing, gold front
  • White housing, green front
  • White housing, red front
  • White housing, silver front
  • White housing, white front